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Wrinkle removing machine (water setting machine) -XW2002A

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Machine introduction

Wrinkle removing machine belongs to textile printing and dyeing equipment. After being expanded in the shell, the internal stress in the molecular structure of the cloth is eliminated, and then it enters the shaping cavity to be shaped by the circular widening core sleeve, and finally the cloth is dropped by the cloth falling device. After the setting, the cloth surface is flat and wrinkle-free, and the dyeing process can be directly performed, which shortens the process flow and reduces the production cost. The ideal product with rich feel, uniform color and complete elasticity is obtained. In particular, a knitted fabric with a large spandex fiber content has a more significant effect.


● Cotton, nylon, chemical fiber knitted spandex fabric can be directly shaped without opening.

● It can completely prevent wrinkles and dyeing wrinkles in pretreatment.

● Simple procedures can shorten processing time and increase output.

● Continuous operation at normal temperature. Improve efficiency and save energy.

● The fabric feel and elongation are greatly improved after water setting.

Process flow diagram

Feeding into the tube → Amplification of the ring-shaped cloth guide → Blowing air → Amplification of eliminating internal stress → Ring-shaped cloth guide → Rolling car → Water setting expansion → Air blowing → Rolling car → Cooling → Rolling cloth

technical parameter

Working width: φ850 ~ φ1200mm

Working speed: 15-45m / min

Working pressure: 0.4Mpa

Operating temperature: 95°C

Power: 5.5KW

Water usage: 4.5T


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