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XWZM2400 New type automatic sticky hair cleaning machine

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Machine introduction
This equipment is a new type of viscose equipment developed based on the principle that sticky rubber rollers can adhere to impurities such as hair on the cloth. The main feature of this machine is that the sticky hair is cleaned at the same time to ensure the best effect of sticky hair, and it is directly installed on the printing machine to save process and labor efficiency. The machine consists of three parts: sticky hair cleaning unit, water vapor control unit and electrical control unit.
Machine characteristics
1.Simple operation, fast and safe.
2. The sticky hair is clean and easy to produce, ensuring the continuous removal of fluff and dust on the cloth during the printing process, which helps reduce printing defects and maximizes quality and yield. Reduce screen jam during printing production.
3, high efficiency, directly installed on the printing machine to save labor, to avoid secondary pollution in conventional processes.
4, unique structure, no tension without damage to the cloth.
5, quality assurance, the whole machine is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, pump fans and electrical components are imported.
6. Advanced electronic design ensures continuous dust removal and can be combined with any brand printing machine.
technical parameter
1.Power: 3x400Vx50HZ
2.Air pressure: 2 ~ 8MPa
3.Dimension of main machine: (width * height * length) 0.43m * 0.62m * 3m (customized according to customer requirements)
4.Total power: 5KW
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