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Spout type uniform low feed system (humidifier)

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System introduction
The spray disc type uniform low liquid feeding system is mainly capable of uniformly and quantitatively feeding different liquids in the required proportion to textiles or other industries that require liquid application.This not only simplifies the operation process, but also successfully solves traditional operations Many contradictions. This liquid application technology was soon applied to the textile, non-woven, paper, wood and other industries.
Scope of application
● Controlled moisture supply in anti-shrinkage treatment of woven fabrics;
● Controlled humidification in front of the steam box;
● Fast damping of the fabric after tentering, increasing weight.
● Control the humidity before the calender;
● Post-processing of industrial cloth;
● Wet and smooth hairiness before tentering, easy tentering;
● Finishing of non-woven fabrics and sanitary products;
● Finishing of wool fabrics;
● Humidification and resurgence of wooden boards;
● Paper processing resurgence.
System Engineering Principle
The disc-type uniform low-feed system is mainly formed by the liquid in a constant high-speed 5000 rpm / rotation disc under a strong centrifugal action to form a water film, and is cut into 30-70 microns by the centrifugal line on the disc surface The particles are sprayed outward at a high speed in a fan shape, breaking through the surface of the textile and entering between the fabrics. All the spray discs are installed side by side on the spray disc frame. Each spray disc forms a fan spray range and is connected to each other. At the same time, the feeding volume can be adjusted automatically and accurately in accordance with the cloth speed. Make sure that the entire width is evenly fed.
Functional characteristics in the textile industry
1. The equipment is easy to install and occupies a small area without changing the original equipment.
2. No contact liquid feeding, no waves and water marks.
3. No contact liquid feeding, no tension, will not change the fabric structure.
4. Better finishing and finishing effect; reduce unnecessary drying energy consumption; save the amount of finishing agent; normal residual moisture regain of finished fabric, eliminate static electricity on the cloth surface, etc.
5. Humidification before printing can fully color and bright; reduce the amount of urea. .
6. Minimize shrinkage of finished products.
7. Better calender effect and uniformity.
8. Unexpected quality improvement, energy consumption reduction, etc.
Technical parameter.
1. Liquid supply: 50-1800ml / m / min
2. Power: AC380V, 50HZ
3. Total power: 0.75KW
4. Effective width: up to 4200mm
5. Compressed air: 0.4Mpa
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