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Straightening machine

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Performance characteristics
1. Straightened CNC length adjustment is achieved, which breaks the shortcomings of the traditional gun-type positioning length, and continuous automatic cutting operation;
2. Servo motor is used to cut off at high speed, which solves the bottleneck of traditional straightening machine cutting material and the bottleneck of efficiency cannot be improved
3. Straighten the rotation shaft setting to turn on the automatic shutdown protection function, and automatically protect against disconnection;
4. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, easy operation and high precision.
Technical parameter
Model 1.1-5-flying shear straightening machine 2-5-flying shear straightening machine
Cutting wire diameter 1.1-5.0mm 2-5mm (common carbon steel, stainless steel below 3.5mm
Cutting length range 80mm or more 80mm or more
Feeding speed Adjustable speed: 80-150m / min Adjustable speed: 10-60m / min
Length error ± 0.5mm ± 0.5mm
Straightening bar Ordinary carbon steel wire Ordinary carbon steel wire, stainless steel
Feeding rack 100 * 300 * 150mm 600 * 600 * 500mm
Wire feeding motor 1.5 KW with reducer 2.3KW
Straighten the motor Custom adjustable speed motor, automatic 2.2KW
Flying Shear Servo Motor 2.3KW 2.6KW
Rail module Taiwan Seiko Taiwan Seiko
Number of delivery groups 2 groups (4 pairs of wheels) 2 groups (4 pairs of wheels)
Control screen touch screen touch screen
Number of straightening blocks 8 8
Wire diameter range 1.1-5.0mm (common carbon steel) 2-5mm (common carbon steel, stainless steel below 3.5mm)
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