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3D wire bending machine (2)

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Product description
The multi-axis industrial computer control system has a precision detection and tracking device with simple operation, high production efficiency, real-time tray assistance, stable and stable cornering, fast, accurate and automatic positioning, and cost savings.
Performance characteristics
1. Adopt multi-axis industrial computer control system and imported servo motor, the perfect combination of intelligence and power, to achieve the best;
2. The computer has Chinese and English (optional) interface, which is easy to operate and accurate in positioning. All motors can run synchronously or independently to achieve a high level of automation;
3. Comes with precision detection and tracking device, if any unqualified products can be automatically shut down, while ensuring the product qualification rate, the quality of your products can be truly improved;
4. According to the working conditions on the display, the outer diameter angle of the product can be corrected at any time to give you a more intuitive operating experience;
5. The reasonable mechanical structure truly achieves the characteristics of no turning of the rotor, fast cutting speed and high stability of cornering;
6. The design of the mechanical automatic lubrication system provides protection for the long-term operation of the equipment and also reduces the cost of manual maintenance equipment;
7. Intelligent material rack module, automatic shutdown when winding the wire, automatic acceleration function of the wire rack, making production easier and more efficient;
8. It is suitable for the production of wire molding products such as car seat skeletons, handicraft metal wires, kitchen utensils holders, storage cages, supermarket trolleys and supermarket shelves.
Application range
Rotary wire bending machine is mainly used in the auto parts industry, which includes sending car seat wires, car seat parts molding; pet cage accessories; kitchen hardware accessories; garden tool accessories, electronic product molding, toy accessory molding, electrical appliances Various types of high-precision metal wire molding accessories required for accessories molding, sports equipment accessories molding, stationery accessories molding, instrument accessories molding, instrument accessories molding, hair accessories molding, kitchen and bathroom accessories molding, crafts molding, supermarket shelf accessories molding, etc. field.
Technical parameter
Model 3D-5-12 wire forming machine 3D-3-8 Wire Forming Machine
Wire diameter range Ф5-12mm Ф3-08mm
Processing length 2500mm 2500mm
Number of controlled axes 5 axis 5 axis
Boom motor 5.5KW 5.5KW
Wire feeding motor 5.5KW 4.5KW
Angle motor 3.0KW 2.0KW
Lifting motor 1KW 1KW
Cutter motor 1KW 1KW
Controller Custom system Custom system
Speed force 90m / min 90m / min
Precision 300mm ± 0.1 300mm ± 0.1
Automatic wire rack load bearing 1500Kg 1500Kg
Bobbin diameter Ф1900mM Ф1900mM
Wire frame motor 2.2KW 2.2KW
Voltage Three-phase 380V Three-phase 380V
Machine weight 3.8T 3.8T
Machine size    
Wire frame weight 800 Kg 800 Kg
Wire frame size    
The distance between the automatic feeding rack and the host servo is more than 2000mm
Machine Computer Instructions The computer operating system can access the Internet for remote control and operation. The production efficiency and output are displayed on the man-machine interface, and the equipment can automatically stop after reaching the specified output.
High-precision synchronous control mode, each axis programming accuracy is 0.1 unit, control accuracy is 0.01 unit
With handwheel and jog debugging and processing functions, the program can be modified during debugging
Tabular programming, simple and easy to learn, supports teaching programming and direct input of axis coordinates
The type, maximum speed, gear ratio, and direction of each axis are set by parameters, and support parameter backup and recovery
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